Together with our partners, the Humanitarian Task Force (HTF) brings together the Population Council’s rigorous research capabilities, knowledge, experience, and expertise to inform strategies to best respond to humanitarian crises.

Beginning in 2020, the HTF coordinated efforts across the Population Council to address the COVID-19 pandemic and partnered with national health ministries and other government agencies in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. By conducting public health and social science research to produce relevant and timely evidence, the HTF works with policymakers in controlling the spread of the coronavirus, evaluating the effectiveness of prevention and mitigation measures, and assessing longer-term health, social and economic effects of the pandemic.

The HTF is a collaborative and interdisciplinary initiative of the Population Council that conducts cutting-edge research to produce effective solutions for people affected by complex emergencies, natural disasters, and post-conflict crises.

Photo Credit: Iqbal Ehsan